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Queen Polish - someone who has chosen?

3 May - the feast of Our Lady Queen of Polish. years on this occasion reminded participation of Mary in Polish history. From the Mother of God, through the Swedish army, a gala for the Queen Her recourse in the Lvov cathedral by King John Casimir, the battle of Warsaw 1920 years called the miracle on the Vistula d, Cardinal Wyszynski, or maryjność John Paul II.

Gracious Lady picture of who is in the Department of the Lviv
interesting, but essential, while the theme is the matter of an Italian Jesuit living patch in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Well, as it turns out, he had to have the apparition of Mary, where the Blessed Mother herself as the Queen of Polish, saying that she herself has chosen the nation itself. So these events presents Fr. Xavier Wilcox:
Something very important, in the topic above, began in Rome in the night from 14 to 15 August 1568, when Mary of the Assumption into heaven took your favorite Saint. Stanislaus Kostka. Ibid direct witness of his life and death was also Julius Mancinelli SJ Fr.
Exactly 40 years later, so The same evening 14-VIII-1608, in Naples will see Mary Mancinelli he kneeled in front of / in the Holy representing our homeland. He wanted to greet her with that title, which she had not yet honored. And Mary said: Why do not you call me the Queen of Polish? I loved the the kingdom and the great things going for him, as a peculiar love for me, burning his sons. In a short time later, with the permission of his superiors, who have studied this revelation, Mancinelii gave the happy news of Fr. Peter The application and the Jesuits in Poland. They in turn reported to the king. Soon they have achieved many victories over our enemies, has been accomplished through the intercession of Saint. Stanislaus Kostka Church, which was asked directly, especially in connection with Chocim or Beresteczko.
O. Julius had 72 years when it appeared the Mother of God, but in spite of his advanced age he decided to visit this country, which is especially loved Mary. So he chose to walk to the Polish. May 8, 1610, the came to Krakow, where he was enthusiastically greeted by the king and all states. His first steps came to the Wawel Cathedral. Here again, Mary appeared to him in great majesty and said: "I am the Queen Polish. I'm the mother of this nation, which is so very dear to me intercede for him and me for the welfare of the earth is constantly beg me, and I have always, as now merciful. To commemorate this event in the 10-year anniversary of the death of the Servant of God Mancinellego in 1628 the people of Krakow have placed on the tower of St Mary's crown. [...]
When in 1655 the Polish border Swedes broke and abandoned the king had to flee outside the borders, desperate bishops wrote to the pope: "Zginęliśmy, if God have mercy on us." Then the Pope Alexander VII, referring to the revelation of the Father Jules Mancinelli responded: "No, Mary will save you, you are Polish. It is consecrate. Its officially sacrifice. Proclaim Queen her, yet alone that she wanted to. " King John Casimir, following the pope's council, April 1, 1656, made a solemn vow proclaiming Mary Queen of Polish. (http://www.opoka.org.pl/biblioteka/Z/ZP/xw_nmpkrolowa.html)
Rokitna Our Lady of Queen of Polish
If this is the sequence of events, it carries with it an important breakthrough: It's not an initiative of the Polish king, but Mary herself initiative underpins her act to pursue a for the Queen. The action of the king and the Polish authorities were in this situation, a response to the desire of Our Lady. In this context, the importance of commitment, a sense of values \u200b\u200band a mission (not to be confused with messianism), they should have in their consciousness, action, choices and behavior Poles increases disproportionately.

This is important in an era where the Poles are trying to not only represent the world as a stupid, quarrelsome, anti-semitic, etc. Through various entertainment programs, daft game shows, channels, arcane, destroyed the Polish education, etc. is formed from the Poles , or at least trying to, bezideową mass, dissolute, materialized, having przeżerać life from day to day and fight for position in the herd. Unfortunately, many begin to believe it subconsciously, and so behave.

need today for us Poles, recall a Who chose us, "Who will reigns, and - very importantly - for what it obliges us. Whether as a nation we have something to do, to show good, save, consolidate in today's world?

go back to the topic, because as it turns out it is incredibly zamilczanym Marian theme in the context of the initiative.
Another strange thing is that after koronoacji in 1983, the image of Our Lady of Grace before which John Kaziemierz Queen Mary has chosen the Polish Crown did not return to any church, but was buried in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, some vaults, may be thrown somewhere in which the lumber? I do not know. But I do know that when one person in 2010 while the group on the Wawel Hill (the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Fr Mancinelliego Wawel) asked the guide if it is possible to see the image of Our Lady of Lviv was publicly polite name for it, ZRUG.

images, where the Virgin Mary is presented to the throne, strangely disappear in the darkness of oblivion. The same is true with the revelation in Gietrzwałd - recognized by the Church - and terribly marginalized. Do not know if my dear Internet users know that anywhere you can not get out solicit, beg, discern the full content of these revelations. Priests Canons Regular (I hope, with no disturbance), who are in Gietrzwałd even do not want to stumble on this topic! And there also appeared to Mary in the context of the throne, or reign. For this too we shall return.
we will get back to the topic.

Mary, Queen of Polish - pray for us!


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